Hiking with Lycia & Friends

Oh the canton of Bern 🙂

Ready to conquer the alps

Humans are good rest stops

See the B?

Following Lycia, wherever she may go!!

Amazingly beautiful!! I'd be afraid of falling off the edge.

you know - it's almost unheard of, I haven't even heard one story to be honest. much greater danger of avalanches in the winter.

Beautiful pic´s although I think I prefer watching it looks a bit to high for my taste:D

Very beautiful place you live!

Anne in Flat Florida

you know, you should not post pics like that unless you want people to come visit you. (and i thought colorado was beautiful!)

hehe. all Basenji lovers are welcome to my place in Switzerland, provided they bring the Basenji with them! 🙂

Love, love the pictures, you take great shots, and the red & white of course is beautiful. Love the one on the shoulders and the one where you couldn't hardly see her on the trail. I must admit I couldn't let my B loose on that trail, I would be afraid she would fall or run off somewhere. You are a brave soul, but at any rate thanks for sharing those beautiful shots, what a beautiful place you live.

ALL I can say is WOW!!!!

What a beautiful place to be and walk your B! Great pics!


hehe. all Basenji lovers are welcome to my place in Switzerland, provided they bring the Basenji with them! 🙂

So.. what do you think about….. next week? 😃 B included 🆒

Wow! That view is amazing! Your Basenjis are some lucky pups to go to some place as breathtaking as that for their walks! I know I am jealous 😉

I have 3, does that mean I can stay 3 times as long? :p

You have one BEAUTIFUL basenji!

beautiful scenery! I love the pic of your B in the leaves…blends right in 🙂

I'm very jealous. So gorgeous.

I tried putting Nemo on my shoulders once. Didn't work out so well. 🙂

Switzerland is at the top of my list of places to visit (with or without my basenji :)). Beautiful country - oh and beautiful pup too 🙂

Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you for sharing.

Thanks so much for your thoughts. She is a super special girl 🙂
Going up into the alps is pretty much my favorite thing ever.
I highly recommend Switzerland to allllll visitors - it is an extremely dog friendly country, more so than France. And English is widely spoken which is a plus 🙂

3 Bs would def. mean 3 times as long 😉 hehe

Wow amazing pics!!!!!!!!!!!!

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