• We have just had our last litter of lab pups for the forseeable future, had our lovely stud dog neutered so this is definately his last litter, and he is the last stud dog from his very famous father, so we just HAD to keep a pup of course :rolleyes:

    This is Annie. She is about 12 weeks old now and really coming on nicely. Very sweet temperment, a little too calm for the showring if anything, but is a very nicely put together little pup so hoping she contines to mature well.

    Excuse my mums attempts at stacking Annie :rolleyes: She's not quite worked out where the feet have to go 😃

  • She is lovely Jess such a pretty expression, hope you do well with her:)

  • She is beautiful…how does Maya like her? 😃

  • Thanks 😃 She has her great grandma Chloe's expression, I love it, such a soft gentle expression!


    Annie has the most beautiful dark eyes like her dad, I love the really dark lab eyes. Hopefully she will do well in the ring, fingers crossed!

  • @renaultf1:

    She is beautiful…how does Maya like her? 😃

    We have 3 of the litter left at the moment, one got sick at 6 weeks old so we have had to hang onto him til he is well, he should be off to his new home next week. And also another girl we have been running on with Annie to decide between the two for which to keep :rolleyes: My mum is debating keeping her too :eek: But we have someone coming to see her this weekend.

    Maya loves them all as they are very playful and all Maya wants to do is PLAY! She is like a big puppy! And she likes to play rough which the labs do too. The only problem is that when Maya has a mad dash around the garden (which she likes to be chased when she is doing lol) the pups cant keep up with her!!!

  • Sooooooo cute!

  • What a stunning head! She's beautiful.

  • Beautiful Jess! Good luck with her.

  • She is quite lovely, definitely a keeper!

  • Labs - my 2nd favourite dog. She is going to be a real stunning lady.

  • That face is just precious and easy to fall in love with!!

  • Houston

    Annie sure looks beautiful..her expression is darling. I wish you best of luck in the ring with her..

  • Annie is beautiful , Jess

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