• I thought i'd post some pics of my kittens to cheer myself up!

    I've had them a couple of weeks, thought i'd already introduced them but obviously not, so…

    Here's Molly. She is 10 weeks now and is a purebred moggie 😃 Several people suggested she might have maine coon in her, but she just looks like a black and white moggie to me. LOVELY baby though, very cuddly.

    And Dylan who is 11 weeks. I bought Dylan as a boy, but the vet informed with with very little doubt on tuesday that he is infact a she. So im having to get used to calling him HER :rolleyes: The name will have to stay though, she already answers to it.

    Dylan is half bengal. Mum was a stunning brown bengal, dad was…. well, who knows!!

  • They are lovely girls, Jess.
    I love Molly's long white whiskers and Dylan has a lovely spotty tum.They both look full of mischief.

  • Very cute… and I thing that Molly does look a lot like a Maine Coon

  • oh so cute I love dylans marking that first picture of her on the back of the couch just shows off those stunning markings! I want one just like her!

  • Beautiful babies … I just love their faces!

  • I always thought Maine Coons were tabby but apparently they do come in Molly's colour. Her mother was HUGE, pure white and very fluffy 😕 whatever Molly is, she is adorable 😃

    Dylan is beautiful, I was actually planning to get a silver tabby the lady had but i saw Dylan and had to have her! She also has some really beautiful stripes on her back, i shall have to dig out a pic of that!! 😃

  • They are really cute - love Dylan's markings! Oh, and nothing wrong with Dylan as a girls name - I've seen it plenty of times - fashion designer Ralph Lauren's daughter is named Dylan (as in Dylan's Candy Store fame)…

    I've seen Maine Coon's with the exact same colouring as Molly so it is possible she has some in her. I'm no expert though - even if I am from Maine, lol.

  • They are so adorable - love, love, love kitties! The circle on Dylan's side is a favorite marking of mine in. Molly may have some Maine Coon in her - have to see how big she gets, and if ear tufts get moreso. Whatever they are, they are sure lovable.

  • What a georgeous kittens!!!!

    I'm totally in love with Dylan, so is James 😃

  • What does Maya think of them? They are such pretty kittens!

  • Thanks everyone! Dylan is so much prettier in person, these pics dont do her justice at all 😃 The marking on her side is so strange, i think it looks like an "@" symbol 😃

    Maya really likes them actually, she has been used to cats as she was raised with my old man Simon. She has just come into season and has gone all pathetic and maternal and seems to think these kittens are her babies so she is just all over them washing them (much to their disgust!!) and cuddlng them. Saves me grooming them i suppose lol!!

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