My new job!

I just started a new job a few months back… (also when I got a fenced yard for the B's!) I was hired as an engineer for Consumer Reports but everyone here does everything so I got to do some videos also! Here is one of them!

Great job! Loved the video clip 🙂

Too Cool!! Great job! CR is one of my favorite magazines.

Cool! Thanks for sharing

Really cool…congrats on the new job! 😃

Thanks for sharing. Good video and very informative. Congratulations on your new job!!

Can we look forward to seeing CR doing reports on the safest restraints for dogs in a car;)??

Nice video! Must be a fun place to work!

Too cool Michelle, thanks for sharing! Sounds like the new job is a hit. I think they forgot something though, a crate in the back and a little Lenny to show how roomy it really is. 🙂



That was great! I loved it…cool new part to your job!

Basenji Mix

Very nice presentation. Looks like you're enjoying this job - looks fun! Congratulations!

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