New Dog

On July 5th my husband opened the front door to leave for work and a dog ran into our house. We called shelters but none had room so in the evening we went around the subdivision to see if he belonged to anyone. We made flyers, posted a found dog ad on the HSPCA website and no one replied. In the mean time he made himself at home and began trying to win over our dogs. Our dogs were not to happy with him in the beginning but eventually his persistence won out and they began playing with him. We decided to keep him and named him Winston. I am not sure what he is. Some say Jack Russell mix others say Rat Terrier. All I know is he is between 1-2 years old, 12 lbs. and has such a cute face!


What a cute little guy 🙂

I would not have been able to resist him either 😃

Looks Jack Russell to me. How big is he?

Have you had him checked for a microchip? If not, I would definitely do that. He is a cutie!


First Basenji's

He is sure a cutie, and from what you said, a personality to match. Must be terrier to just run in the door and expect to be loved!!!!!! Bless you for the save!

Hi Angelica,
He is gorgeous, what is the name of this dog? Glad that your dogs have accepted him and now happy with him.

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