New Dog Treat Warning: "Made in USA" Doesn?t Guarantee Safety

  • Make your own treats… buy youself a dehydrator... you can make much in there... and healthy... we call the chicken treats... Basenji "crack"... LOL they love it....or back in the oven... but I do use treats like cheese cut up to bite size pieces.. or veggies.. start as early pups and they love them... there are so many things in your house that you can use as treats... I will say that I do use Natural Balance cookies and Canidae Grain Free Pure for treats, but not as training but just as an afternoon treat in their crates...

    And not only can you make treats for your kids.. for humans too...

  • Ain't that the truth Pat! My picky 2 1/2 year old goes NUTS for dehydrated chicken I make with my dehydrator. I buy chicken that I would eat myself, cut it thin and dehydrate it for about 6 hours.

  • Making your own is one solution. But no dog "needs" jerky treats. I think I would just avoid the commercial ones. I'm lucky in that my guy loves raw carrots, so they do fine for training treats. He also loves sweet potato chews, and I buy ones that are sourced in Canada. The problem is that it's getting very hard to tell where minor ingredients may be sourced from, even in food, let alone treats! In the past there have been issues with the "pre-mix" used to replace the vitamins and minerals lost in the extrusion process. We had a thread on here a few years ago about that.

  • It is well known that made in USA pretty meaningless. Always look for SOURCE. These days, if it doesn't SAY USA source meat, you can pretty much BET it is not. While most use some vitamins and stuff from other countries, if at least the meat is from a safe source, I'm pretty good with it. Of course, when it is JUST CHICKEN and sourced here… fine. 🙂

    short list of USA source:

    Wow, just realize truthaboutpetfood…/the-2015-list/ now CHARGES a lot for their list. Um, no.

    This is pretty good

    Colorado Natural only sources usa I am pretty sure. And I love Salmonears. They are my go too healthy treats. Have known the owner for about 20 years, he taught me more about training, health, nutrition and raw than anyone in my life. No I don't get a discount if you try them, but you can say Deb sent you so he knows. For crunchy and good omega, they are my dogs favorites 🙂

    LOL bears like them too:

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