Oy! What a day…..and it doesn't look to get any better tomorrow!

  • Hey Everyone,

    My 80 yr old Mom is having surgery on Wednesday to remove a tumor from inside the wall of her carotid artery. I am travelling tomorrow so I can be at the hospital.

    Unfortunately, today three of my five kids-at-home have started throwing up – no fever, no anything, but throwing up everything.-- and of course, BOTH kids with Diabetes are in on it. They have no fevers or anything, just wiped out from vomiting and lack of nutrition/hydration.
    I am expecting the 4th to start any minute as she merely looked miserably at her dinner plate and didn't eat one bite.

    SO, I have my Mom expecting me at the hospital, and my oldest {who is sad, lonely, and depressed because she cannot come home from college for Christmas break because of work} expecting me to stay the next two nights at her dorm room {30 minutes from hospital},
    Three and a half sick kids, and a willing but has-never-taken-care-of-the-kids-when-they've-been-sick dh, one healthy kid, and one of my sickies is supposed to babysit tomorrow all day for a neighbor!

    :eek: ANY prayers, good vibes, happy thoughts, whatever would be more appreciated than you could know!

  • oh jonell, my fingers are crossed for you! im so sorry, when it rains, it pours. maybe it is all a bad dream?!

  • My thoughts and prayers for you and your family this holiday season.

  • I will keep good, happy, health thoughts for all of you…
    Please let us know how everyone (and you) are doing...

  • Oh my! Prayers and good thoughts definitely on the way…..

  • Sending healthy vibes for your whole family. Prayers with healthy and happy thoughts for your mom. Good luck and let us know when things settle for you.

  • Wow! What a support group;) …nothing but prayers and happy thoughts coming your way! Hope it helps:)

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