Oy! What a day…..and it doesn't look to get any better tomorrow!

Hey Everyone,

My 80 yr old Mom is having surgery on Wednesday to remove a tumor from inside the wall of her carotid artery. I am travelling tomorrow so I can be at the hospital.

Unfortunately, today three of my five kids-at-home have started throwing up – no fever, no anything, but throwing up everything.-- and of course, BOTH kids with Diabetes are in on it. They have no fevers or anything, just wiped out from vomiting and lack of nutrition/hydration.
I am expecting the 4th to start any minute as she merely looked miserably at her dinner plate and didn't eat one bite.

SO, I have my Mom expecting me at the hospital, and my oldest {who is sad, lonely, and depressed because she cannot come home from college for Christmas break because of work} expecting me to stay the next two nights at her dorm room {30 minutes from hospital},
Three and a half sick kids, and a willing but has-never-taken-care-of-the-kids-when-they've-been-sick dh, one healthy kid, and one of my sickies is supposed to babysit tomorrow all day for a neighbor!

:eek: ANY prayers, good vibes, happy thoughts, whatever would be more appreciated than you could know!

oh jonell, my fingers are crossed for you! im so sorry, when it rains, it pours. maybe it is all a bad dream?!

My thoughts and prayers for you and your family this holiday season.

I will keep good, happy, health thoughts for all of you…
Please let us know how everyone (and you) are doing...

Oh my! Prayers and good thoughts definitely on the way…..

Basenji Mix

Sending healthy vibes for your whole family. Prayers with healthy and happy thoughts for your mom. Good luck and let us know when things settle for you.

Wow! What a support group;) …nothing but prayers and happy thoughts coming your way! Hope it helps:)

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