• Well, wasn?t called into work, so took the dogs down to the dog park.
    Made the mistake of letting them into the big dog run, it was empty.
    All 3 rolled in something rotten,:mad: so my day will be filled with
    Washing dogs, cleaning out my car, cleaning the bathroom, laundry and swearing At my self.
    I love my dogs! Sigh.

  • LOL!!! Gotta love that they like to 'scent' themselves with something smelly. Once when I took Becca out to my grandparents farm she decided it would be a great idea to roll in wet cow manure. The hour car ride back to our house was not pleasant!

  • Thank heavens they are short haired. I would have to burn the car if they had long hair!

  • LMFAO. Umm I would opt for a lot of Febreeze unless the car is a junker and you can cash in on insurance!! Today I am puppy-sitting my Boss's 10 y/o golden retriever with my two B's. It's nice because Tucker is gonna be sooooo tired this whole week. All they are doing is playing.

  • I have always wondered– why do dogs that will avoid a puddle at all costs (ewww, water!) and absolutely can't stand to get their dainty little feet muddy blissfully roll in smelly things? My neighbors used to put manure fertilizer on their yard every fall, and Spencer would almost break the leash trying to get over there. When I finally wrangled him away, he would look at me like I was the cruelest human ever.

  • I know they give you the dirtiest looks ever. And they like to eat horse and cow patties. Yumm pooped out grass my favorite.

  • Very simple: all dogs love stink. And they 'recycle'!

    I remember Topper rolling in a dead, slimy fish on a cold evening at a beach 10 miles from home. I sat way in the back of the van holding him wrapped in a towel (so he couldn't move and soil the van) while Don drove us home, windows down, 40 degree cold wind blowing on me and my wet, stinky dog all the way home. And he didn't even appreciate the warm bath when we got home, but I sure did appreciate it!

    Poor Sharron, maybe you can have a lazy afternoon!

  • HAHAHA…it never fails when you think you're going to have some time to yourself the dogs have other plans!! I hope you managed a little time to relax...after all your cleaning!

  • I did get a bit of afternoon rest. B's were tired after the baths, running around and licking each other dry.

  • Yeah mine do the B'500 when they are done their baths. Try to rub themselves on the carpet to get dry. Then I pull out the blow-dryer. Becca runs back upstairs to get dried because it is soooo nice and warm…..almost like laying on the furnace vent in the winter....and Tucker hates it because it is blowing air at him. He could care less if it is warm or not.

  • Before Watson I had a spaniel and I still have a collie… I love the short wash and wear coat on the basenji 🙂

    Just think of a collie with a thick double coat rolling in yuckiness 😉

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