Ducklings week 3 in their new 'duck tractor'

  • Ducklings are growing fast now, just starting to get tail feathers. The little spraddle leg duckling is growing like a bad weed to catch up to the others.


  • Oh my they are growing TOO FAST, you'll have to get more babies! 🙂 They are darling.

  • I find it weird to say they melt my heart but they DO!! How do the basenjis react to the cage?? I know Oakley would spend every waking moment trying to stare them down and ponder how to get in!

  • That's a very nice pen you have them in. Did you make it yourself?

  • Chelsie-the B's don't get a chance to see them. The B's are in the front in a pen and the ducklings and chickens are in the back. After Shadow decided to help me butcher a chicken when we first moved in, I thought it prudent to keep them separated. They would definitely terrorize them.

    Yes, Robyn, I made the duck tractor. It has wheels on the one end so I can move it around. I do have a duck pen, and they will go in it when I fix the duck house. It seems rats, or something decided to make a meal of the one end and floor of the house. So, I have to fix that. I do really like it, but it won't be big enough in a couple of weeks for them. I will try to get more pics of the little monsters today. (And, the pen will work very well for one of the dogs if I ever need it!!)

    Yes, they grow very, very fast. If I can get a pic of them up and about, you will see how it's very hard to tell which one had the spraddle legs. The rouens are bigger than the muscoveys. There are three rouens and they have an eye stripe.


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