• Our new Scottish Terrier, Ringo

    McVan’s Taxman of Jumoke
    Bred by Dr. Vandra L. Huber, PhD & Michael Krowleski

    Grandson of Am / Can Ch. Gealforce Post Script
    Best in Show, Westminster Kennel Club 1995

    Ringo has big shoes to fill

  • Very cute! So are you going to be adding a new breed, or is he just an anomaly?

  • My wife tells all my friends that she asked me to bring home a Scottish Deerhound, and this what I got her.

    This will probably be our only venture into the world of terriers. We are seriously looking into a second breed; Scottish Deerhounds lead the top of the list. Laurie and I are very active in Lure Coursing.

  • Oh my gosh! Bryan, he's adorable!

    Well, I asked Darren for a black and tan coonhound and got Jazzy, so I can relate to what Laurie is saying.

  • Adorable baby! I remember when his grandma Peggy won Westminster. She was dead on that night. Good luck with your new family member.

  • Bryan, that's the funniest basenji I ever saw!
    See you soon lure coursing.
    Course you new terrier is darling.
    What do the b's think of this barking dog??

  • Hey my Basenji boy Gibby is startled everytime he sees a mirror. I really think sometimes he has no idea what he looks like as he sees more humans than other dogs! Lord knows somedays I am sure I will look over and see him walking across the room on the 2 hind legs as he so curious about things above him…I do know that is one handsome Grandson and CONGRATS!

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