• Happy New Year to all my friends on the forum.
    Have to admit to not realy being a fan of New Year, somehow it makes me sad instead of happy 😞
    Still our Pup is due on the 2nd, so here's hoping everything goes well :D:D

  • Happy New Year Shelley!

    Do you have anything planned for tonight?

    I think this year will be the first year i havent gone out, it will be weird. I have a show tomorrow (first one with my puglets!!) so i have an early start which is the excuse i have used for not going out, but to be honest, im in a real depressive mood and am choosing to sit home alone with the dogs, with a bottle of wine, and mourn 2009 rather than go out and celebrate 2010. It has been a bloody awful year for me, will be glad to see the end of it lol.

    Fingers crossed for the new arrival!

  • Happy new year to you to Shelley:D We have been invited round to one of the neighbours as they are having a party so will give us a chance to get to know them a bit more.

    @ Jess, I hope you have a better 2010 as it really was a rotten one for you in more ways than one. Good luck for the show tomorrow:D

  • Jess, i'm sorry you're feeling so bad, i'm not surprised with the horrible things which have happened. Trouble with new year is that people can feel obligated to be happy and feel guilty when you're not. That's certainly the case with me. I watched Grumpy old new year last night and it made me feel better 😉
    Jenny like you we are staying local, we are just going across the road to my brother and sister in law. I have bought scratch cards for us to do after midnight (you never know)
    Tomorrow we are going on a New Years day walk

  • Thanks Jenny and Shelley, it cant get much worse in 2010!

    Sounds like you guys have a nice night planned!

  • Happy new year everyone!

    We will also stay home, cause Lycia is very afraid of all the fire work.. We'll just watch a movie and keep her safe with us on the couch 😉 🙂

  • Houston

    Happy New Year to all of you on the other side of the ocean and this side as well…may it bring happiness, health and wealth....
    I agree seeing a year go is depressing, but seeing a new year arrive is also a happy time..my kids are growing way to fast, I am aging way to fast and time is never enough..this will be a better year.

    Good luck on your pup, Shelley, so exciting..Otis' birthday is coming up on the 5th...

    Maya, this will be a better year..when things don't go right...go left..my new motto for the year. Good luck on the puglets showing..let us know how it goes.

    Jenny, I hope you have a good time with your new neighbors..sounds like fun.

    Janneke, We are staying in too, mainly because we don't want to be on the road with all the novice drinkers..and drivers..and because I think if not all, two or three of our dogs are afraid of the rockets..
    Sounds like you might have a new little girl pup soon too? hint hint? 😃

  • Petra, Otis will be one year old wont he on the 5th?
    I know what you mean about things going too fast. Last night whilst watching Grumpy new year someone said that when you are young New Year comes once a year but when you're older it's once every three months 😃 I know just what they meant 😃

  • Houston


    Yes he will be a whole year old. Such a big boy…..

  • Houston

    Loops, double post, sorry

  • @Basenjimamma:

    Loops, double post, sorry

    You aren't already drinking, are you…?


  • Houston

    Originally Posted by Basenjimamma
    Loops, double post, sorry

    You aren't already drinking, are you…?

    right? I am getting loopy already…lol.

  • happy new year to all 😃 and let 2010 bring more joy and happiness to all our lives even if 2009 allready was a good year for you!

  • Happy New Year to All and may everyone have the best new year every. Please everyone be safe and talk to all of you next year.

    Shelley good luck with the new baby can hardly wait to see pictures and hear the name have a great new year's.

    Rita Jean

  • Happy new year too everyone!!!

    We're hoping everyone will get what the want out of this new year!!!

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