• From Jaycee and her family we wish all of you the best Thanksgiving. All of you traveling be safe.


  • First Basenji's

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too, and everyone here! Stay safe and have fun!

  • Buddy and I give thanks for all our friends here on the forum!

  • Houston

    The same from us here in Houston..we are staying put..but to all of you traveling, stay safe and stay healthy too, eat lots and rest well.

    Petra and Otis, busy baking in the kitchen..

  • Happy thanksgiving to all US basenji buddies and safe traveling.
    Gossy is anxiously awaiting leftover pumpkin from the pie making :).

  • Happy thanksgiving everyone! Chance and Kiya will be eating a lot of turkey this weekend.

  • Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! Remember this important information: turkey makes basenjis sleepy.

  • Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Quercus Basenjis 🙂 Hug those Bs, drive carefully, eat until you can't move, and enjoy 🙂

  • @Hug:

    It's not even Thanksgiving yet and I've already eaten till I can't move!

    Happy Thanksgiving from me, Tayda and Lenny!

  • I have to work on Thanksgiving but I'm thankful that I have a job!! We're making a pumpkin pie tonight, can't wait for tomorrow night to sample it. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from Abbey and Lenora!

  • Happy Thanksgiving from us, Susan and Bob, and from our girls, Shaye and Gemma - I'll keep the "turkey makes B's sleepy" thing in mind! My husband is being a darling this morning and taking the girls to the park to run for a couple of hours so our Thanksgiving may be accompanied by the moans and snores of sleeping B's!! For that, I also give thanks!

  • First Basenji's

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you. Today I give thanks for many, many things….....including all of my new supportive circle of friends on the Basenji Forum. Thank you, also, to whoever started this forum......what a great gift!

  • Hope everyone has had or is having a great day here in the U.S. and everywhere else for that matter. Sometimes we forget that Thanksgiving is, primarily, an American holiday. That said….Big thanks to all who have welcomed me to this forum, both foreign and domestic. I am truly thankful for the opportunity to read about, talk about, and sometimes complain about, that little bundle of fur that shares my life.:D:D Thank-you all!!!

  • Happy Thanksgiving!

    I am grateful for many things, including our two wonderful basenjis, and this forum.

    We would never have made it through the process of adopting our two rescues in just over a year without the support of Sharron Hurlbut (sp?) and other experienced folks on this board. Today, Fiji and Bongo are happy, well adjusted dogs and they add to our lives tremendously.

    Thanks to all of you for your unending support of the breed and one another. Hope you've all had a wonderful day.

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