Happy Thanksgiving to our little Community

Have a safe and Happy Holiday.

Drat can't see the pic, but hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving and no one gets "to fat and happy" lol

Basenji Mix

Happy Thanksgiving! Remember, wear big clothes tomorrow! LOL

Turkey makes VERY SLEEPY DOG

Happy turkey day

Happy and Safe Thanksgiving to everyone! I am very thankful to have found you all, my Basenji Forum friends! -Michelle,Tayda and Lenny

This will be our first "Basenji Thanksgiving"….it should be interesting!! Everyone have a Happy Day!


Have a fantastic Thanksgiving everyone…:D :D...eat plenty of turkey!!!!!!!!! 😃

Last Thanksgiving I was without my beloved Max who had to be put to sleep early in November. I am so thankful I have two new kids–Tyler and Zoey--with me this Thanksgiving. I'm also thankful for this forum that has been so helpful in so many ways. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

I have the cans of Merrick's Thanksgiving Day Turkey out on the table ready to serve to Chase and Zahra when we eat.

My parents got here last night and they have been feeding them all kinds of goodies like ham and potato chips since they got here.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Gobble gobble!

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

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