• The kitten is about 9 weeks right now and he's still here. He's been eating dry food for a couple weeks now and uses a litter box. He has learned to climb up my pants leg when he wants on my lap but he's more interested in running around than being held. Interacting with the adult cats has been good for him but he still tends to bite my hands in play. He's ready for adoption. I just have to find a cat rescue group to take him.

    Here are a couple of pics I snapped of the kitten and Gypsy.

  • OMG! How adorable they both are…It should be easy to place a cutie like that...hopefully. I know it can be hard sometimes, but maybe with the holidays coming up, someone will be looking for one. Keep updating...I hope it goes well.

  • One and a half years later:

  • Cute Kitty, are you sure you can't keep him?

  • Hee Hee! That kitty is there to stay. The date of the original post is Oct 2006. That kitty was destined to be permanent from day one. How many cats do you have now, Robyn? Don't I recall there being 4? One thing for sure, her pups leave her home thinking that cats are not prey….cats are merely very mobile toys.


  • I have 4 cats. Pic of all 4 on top of my computer desk

    (L-R Moxie, Tuk, Gypsy, Sherman)

    Free cats if anyone wants one! lol!

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