• Thought i'd do a little update on Una my friesian. Some people may remember that this time last year I just started breaking her. The first time i'd ever broken a horse so it was rather scary :eek: But, everything went perfectly, Una is an angel!

    This year i've not done too much with her. She is going to stud in the spring so I just wanted her to get used to the basic commands and be hacking out happily I had no plans to over do things with her as she is still very young. We did try a bit of jumping (pictures below!) only once as i never got round to doing it again, but she loved it and i hope that might be something she will take to as thats what I love to do 😃

    I've been riding her maybe once or twice a month for the last 6 months or so, just to keep her brain a bit busy. I will mostly be turning her away for the winter as the evenings are just too dark to ride her after work and im at dog shows most weekends!

    Anyway, here she is taken today, just to show what a mess she looks :o

    (BTW she has had that rug on 24/7 for an entire week, just look how immaculate it is :D)

    And this was last weekend:

    Check out the view from on board!!

    From November when she started to get fuzzy:


    And these are going back to August, from the day I jumped her! The jumping pics are video stills so a bit fuzzy…!! Only tiny jumps as she'd never done anything like it before, but didnt she do well? 😃

  • How old is she? She is lovely!

  • She is 4 & 1/2 😃 Well, she is 5 in March/April technically, but i keep saying 4 & 1/2 :rolleyes:

  • What a beauty Jess!
    Looks like she is doing wonderfully.


  • Houston

    She looks so nice. I love how stable she looks. The jumps are great, hey you have to start somewhere right?

  • I'm so jealous! I haven't been able to ride in ages. Super expensive in the city to own a horse and hard to find a place that let's you actually lease a horse… walking trail rides get to be a bore after a while. She looks so pretty and great work with her 🙂 If she needs exercise cause of your work schedule, have you tried seeing if there's an equestrian program in your area with a student willing to do some riding? Sometimes they get credit if it matches up with their program or they might like the chance just to practice their schooling 🙂 Unless you're planning to be the only rider, just thought I'd suggest it. Keep up the good work!

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