Sat on my Friesian for the First Time!!!

  • Im just starting to break my mare in and, well, i just threw Una in the deep end today!! 😃 She had a little bit of long reining yesterday (she did well, but shes a bit slow! lol), no pictures of that though as i didnt have a spare person!

    Anyway, today we tried tacking up properly. She'd had a saddle on previously, but not with the girth done up properly… She didnt even flinch:

    And then i took her for a short walk around the garden which she enjoyed:

    And then i did some leaning over her (no pictures as my photographer was holding her) and she was fine with that… And then... I SAT ON HER!!!!! :eek:

    I am SO pleased with her! She stood nicely while i got on, trotted a few paces (im not exactly skinny so it was probably a shock!!) and then just stood there in the garden for a couple of mins with me on her back while i just spoke to her and patted her, and got a picture of course!! I only sat on her for 2 mins max, but she was really really good! I am SO pleased. A very positive start!!

    Excuse the cheesy grin!

    I plan to do this, and about 10 mins long reining every night and see how she copes with that, she didnt seem phased in the slightest so im very pleased!

    Here she is afterwards - scratches and fuss and chatting to labradors!!lol

    Thats my mum :rolleyes:

  • Great Jess!!! Congrats!

    Friesian mostly are nice and calm, the pics look great!
    Una seems comfortable, she's so beautiful!
    I always had fun to break a horse (ride them in, that's what we call it :D)

  • Thank you for sharing the pictures - they are great.

  • Wonderful pictures, lovely horse…. Oh the days of your first ride on a young horse... seems like yesterday.... Good luck with her training

  • Yay for Una, how exciting! Looking forward to hearing about how well she does the rest of the week. 🙂

  • Thanks all!

    It seemed like a good idea to sit on her… Until a split second before i got my bum in the saddle :rolleyes: I was sure she was going to rodeo me off :o But she was a good pony, im so pleased with her! A friend is backing her QH gelding at the moment, he's just turned 3 so a bit younger than Una. He does a rather impressive rodeo horse impression just having the saddle on... No way would i want to be the first one on him :p

    Im really looking forward to getting on and riding Una properly.. But little and often is the way to do it, so im told. So just going to carry on like this for a while til she's happy with me sat on her.

  • That's great! Congrats! 😃
    I get so jealous when I see these kind of pics…! 🙂

  • Lovely Pony, Jess. I like the pic of her looking at the Lab and swishing her tail.

  • ohhhh jealousy… i have been out of the saddle for a few years, and my horsey babies are back in California.... she looks soooo beautiful. Friesians are my next breed!

  • I can understand your wide smile..its way cool!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  • Woo hoo! You look great together! I am jealous too!! My sister (and the rest of you) get to have all the fun…but I can live life vicariously through all of you!! Can't wait to see more!

  • Thanks everyone!

    Im so worried about messing it up. Una is just so incredibly trusting of me which does make it all easier i guess, but im just worried im going to do something wrong!!! So far so good though 🙂

  • Some more pictures from last night!

    On board:

    And standing nicely to be untacked:

    She seems to be really enjoying it all at the moment.

  • Very good! I hope she got a few treats for being such a gentle girl. 🙂

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