Bark for Life - American Cancer Society - Sat. 10-20-2012 in Chino Hills, CA

  • My Basenjis (Taj and Tag) and I are gearing up for the American Cancer Society Bark for Life at Chino Hills, CA to be held one week from today. We will be participating in a day of fun to raise money to help fight cancer and to honor all who have had their lives changed by cancer in one way or another. Whether you're a survivor, have a loved one who is a survivor, or have lost a friend or family member to cancer, you can make a difference in this fight.

    Even though ACS focuses on human cancer, one of the honorees of my team's Bark walk is Taj's beautiful and beloved litter sister, Banners (Savannah), who passed away from cancer nearly 3 months ago.

    I know most Basenji Forums members cannot attend this event in person, but you can do the Bark with us in spirit by donating to our team. Just as the nickels and pennies and dimes in your change jar eventually add up to dollars, so can small donations to ACS turn into a significant amount. Please consider supporting Banners' Brigade 2. Thanks.

    Linda S. Krajewski
    Hemet, CA

    Home to Taj and Tag, Basenji boys extraordinaire
    . . . with our special angels Ellie and Marco Polo forever in our hearts

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