• 😃 😃 I got my tickets to see Taylor Hicks in Seattle in May. 😃 😃

    So far this season doesn't seem to have nearly the caliber of talent that last year had. Although, LaKisha kicks butt, and Melinda is wow! too.
    Can't think of his name, but the beat box kid isn't too bad either.

  • so i am assuming you have a date for this occasion? any idea who else is going to be there? (other idols?) i wanna go too

  • Taylor is coming home to Birmingham next week but I don't have a ticket for either show. He's famous for dropping in to night spots around town unannounced when he's in town. My boys are both musicians and I met Taylor through them long before he was famous. He's just as polite and sweet and humble in person as he appears to be in interviews. I think this is the girls' year to win American Idol. I like Melinda Doolittle best.

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