Comic Book Fans - Small Press Idol

Ok, so my friend entered this contest called Small Press Idol to try to get his comic book published. They made it through Round 2 and are now at Round 3 and really need some help. They got their drawing and dialogue done but did not get all their pages colored so in order to make it past Round 3 they really need every vote they can possibly get.

It would be really great if people would sign up and vote for them and if you have fellow comic book fans maybe pass along the link and maybe they can vote too,

For anyone interested, you can download a PDF of the 4 pages of the comic book that my friend submitted for round 3. It does make reading easier if you are interested in the comic.

Sorry, to keep bringing this up. I am good friends with artist's fiancee. They are getting married on the 18th of this month. It would be a great wedding gift if the comic got lots of support.

Please take the time to vote today. Directions to vote: Make sure you're registered (or click join on the left after click the link). reclick this link while you're signed in and click that your a fan! That's it!

They are trying to stay above the "Dreaded Line" so they get to at least show off their cover art in the publication. If they do really well, they may win a wild card spot in Round 4. Just staying safe from the "Dreaded Line" would be great.

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