Comic Book Lovers

If any of you are fans of comic books then maybe you might be interested in helping out my friend. He is currently competing in a comic book competition called Small Press Idol where the prize is getting your comic book published. He has made it to Round 2 but in this round 50% of the decision to move on to Round 3 is made by public voting.

So if your interested, you can take a peek at his work,

And if you think it is worth getting published, you can sign up and vote for him.

Wow! I haven't looked at a comic book for around 35 years. Things have sure changed since Betty and Veronica, Jughead and Superman. There were a series of comics I loved that were called something like "The Classics" - comic forms of Romeo and Juliet, Wuthering Heights and A Tale of Two Cities. I spent hours looking at the artwork and reading the stories over and over again.

Though I just can't get into the Fantasy genre of things, I can appreciate the skill involved. Good luck to your friend!

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