Gifts for us Basenji lovers
First Basenji's

I ran across this site by way of a dog informational newsletter. I wanted to share this so you have the answer to the question "what do you want for Christmas?????" anyway, birthdays count and 'Me' days are as good as an excuse as any….Mostly girly but maybe something for anyone: hope you can view what I did and like it!!! My husband will be getting me the charm, he will find out Christmas morning…..:)

Very cute! And I'm sure your husband will appreciate that he got you a gift you love 😉

Etsy is always fun to browse. I ended up getting my wedding cake topper through there. Just did a general search for Basenji, found a shirt I should buy and wear when I take Loki out with me. Then random people can know what he is without needing to ask!

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