• Maybe this should be in the books threads… but I found this quite by accident & it looks so funny! I almost want to buy it & try it!


  • I have seen this book and I actually have a 13 gallon trash bag filled with shed hair from my American Eskimo mix Teaga and a quarter bag of shed hair from my Pomeranian Darby saved. I will someday have the hair spun and have something made with it.

  • One of my co-workers breeds Samoyeds and has the hair spun into yarn and then knits sweaters, scarves and mittens. Very soft…reminds me of angora. She sells her products and donates the proceeds to rescue.

  • Its a good thing I don't have (or know anybody else who has) long haired dogs. I know I would end up with a bag full of hair to try to spin sometime….

  • One of my school chums used to spin dog hair and then weave with it. It really was very soft.

  • At one time, when my Eski was still alive, I thought about this. I decided I didn't want to actually DO the spinning, but thought about doing the gathering and sending it to be spun by someone, then making something out of the yarn. Never did it though….sort of wish I had....he was so SOFT, and warm too...

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