• Hey everybody,
    This may be a long shot but is anyone going to Comic Con this month? I am sooo excited as I go every year and it just gets better and better. Last year alone there were over 120,000 from all over the country/world attending this convention.
    For those not familiar its a huge pop culture con that celebrates things such as comics, sci fi, movies, tv, anime, horror, fantasy, art, celebs, toys, porn, costumes, video games, animation and so on. Its pretty funny when the entire downtown San Diego is just a sea of nerds everywhere u look.
    This year I hope to buy some old school 80's toys Gremlins, Ghostbusters, looking for an old crusty rubicks cube.

  • My husband went some years ago.
    Enjoyed it greatly…
    Lots of ways to spend $$$ down there..

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