Una My Friesian

I havent done an update on my baby pony in ages, so here's some pictures of Una, now 4 & 1/2 years. Im SO pleased with how she has matured this year, she's just what i wanted 😃

And showing off her new rug!

Jess, she is stunning looking. She looks like she has a beautiful natural gait. How many hands is she?

shes beautiful!!

Thank you both 😃

She is about 16hands. I think she might make 16.1-16.2 as she still has a couple more years growing left. She is built like a tank though 😃

she's lovely Jess.

Is that a certain B's backside I can see in one of the shots lol !!!!!

Oh, yes, Maya races around the field with them and winds them up 😃

Okay Maya, unless you want to adopt a 54 yr old woman, I am going to begin officially hating you. Hedgies AND a Fresian? OMG. LOL, I would love a Fresian. Here in the USA good ones are an arm and leg and first born child. You have a truly LOVELY horse. WOW. Ribbing aside, thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures.

The other breed I love are Drum horses!


I have been riding since I was 4 yrs old, had never heard of them til about 10 yrs ago.

A friend of mine breeds the gypsy coloured horses 😃 They are very very common over here lol!

I am very lucky to have Una, she is definately a dream horse for me. Took me 10 years of waiting and saving to be able to afford her. They are very expensive here too and i wanted a quality horse. You can get unregistered poorer quality friesians for about ?2k, but i decided to save a few more years and get a good one. She has some of the best breeding you can find so i consider myself very fortunate to be able to have her. Beautiful and a temperment to match - perfect!

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