Food in mailboxes sat

The postal service, who I work for and I have lots of negative to say about them is having a p/u food from mailboxes sat.
THIS is a good thing, food stays in the area, it helps folks who are hungry and YOU will feel good about putting a bag full of food in your mailbox or taking it down to the Post office.;)
Please, even one or 2 cans can help someone who is doing without.
If you can do more…PLEASE DO! its such a good cause.
NO we don't get paid extra to p/u food. In fact, its a hardship for us..but the knowledge that someone is fed and not going hungry makes it all worth while!

I have never heard of this being done in Canada (or my area, at least), but I think it is a wonderful thing to do. Most people will have a few cans in the back of their pantries that they can spare. Hats off to the USPS (I'm assuming, Sharron, this is your employer).

First Basenji's

Is this happening throughout the US?

According to the info in my mail, it will occur throughout the US on Saturday May 8


I got a notice in the mail yesterday saying we have it here in TX too..

Yes, I work for the Post office and its across the whole US.
So, help someone in need..stuff your mailbox on sat, or if you have a small or locked box, you can put a bag on the ground, or leave a note for the carrier to come to the house.
Its a good thing.

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