Lurked for a while, probably time to reintroduce myself

  • Hi there,
    My name is Gloria Steiger and I have five basenjis, and have bred and shown basenjis for some time.
    Here are a couple pictures of the crew:
    My daughter and I and Bella playing a hand of poker:

    My dear Zinnia:

    Here is Pippin and his sister Curie (Cherry Bomb) at six months old– Curie belonged to listeme, my sister:

    my girls with Zin and Bella:

    our Azalea:

    I can't find a great one of Pippin at the moment, and I need one of our newest little boy, who is destined to be Pippin's great friend and ally. His name is Merry (although that will not be his show name). Pip has always been the one whom all the dogs love and all the puppies hang out with. He is an extraordinary babysitter and uncle to all of them. Pip also has fanconi and has just gone through a crisis, but has regained about five pounds and seems to be rallying. He is a Very Good Boy. Merry is here to help him and help us as Pippin continues to fight this disease. So far, Merry is encouraging Pip to eat and has reintroduced Pippin to rassling and running around like an idiot, two things he has not done in about a year. So this is good.

    But that is our little pack, Zinnia, mother of all, then Pippin, Azalea, Bella, and little Merry. We also have two elderly mixed breed girls, three horses, angora goats, and a cat named Toby. Busy, messy, and rich…

  • Hello Gloria 🙂 A big welcome to you and your wonderful looking pack of B's and other creatures. Thank you for sharing these pictures!

  • Aha, here you are 🙂

  • Hello Gloria welcome to the forum:)

  • Your Zinnia has a beautiful classic head. Just the way I remember my gramma's girls, complete with the perfect wrinkles. I'd like to see a full body shot of her… Do you have a kennel name?

  • What a lovely Basneji head on the first picture (Zinnia). I expect Bella is good at poker - Basenjis always are!!

    They all look a very happy family!

  • I don't have all my photos on this computer, but here is Zin at a show. Not the best picture ever– her feet are lost in the grass!

    And a shot of Bella looking graceful:

    My kennel name is Darkskies, and my dogs are Ch Mata Hauri Darkskies Zinnia, Ch Darkskies Peregrine Took, Darkskies Azalea, and Darkskies The Sun Also Rises (Bella). Bella has three majors but life has gotten in the way lately. I hope to get her last points this summer and just get ehr finished. Zalie will never finish. She is pretty enough, but she leans away from the judge when they touch her. Totally submissive and docile, but she doesn't like the table so I don't bother to show her.

  • Showing isn't for every dog. I know I tend to lean away a little when I'm on the table being inspected too. Judges have to get a little personal… Still, no title does not necessarily mean not good stock.

    Zinnia has a nice classic tail set too.... Her tail doesn't look like a cinnamon bun balanced on a rock. It's nice to see.

  • Totzlly agree that it is not for every dog. Zin loved it. She thought everyone was there to love her. But Azalea was only doing it for me, if that makes any sense. She tolerated it but never ever had any fun.

    Thanks for the nice comments about Miss Z. She has a lot of good about her and I am glad she was my first showdog. She isn't a delicate little thing and I got a few comments that she was "doggy" but I really liked her substance. She has, ahem, a matronly figure these days. But she continues to be a smart, healthy, happy girl. I love her.

  • Houston

    Hi and welcome to all of you. You have a gorgeous family, girls and dogs, you are one lucky girl.

  • Hi Gloria, nice to see you here!

  • Welcome..glad you found us.

  • Welcome! I agree, your family, both 2 and 4-leggers, are lovely. Hope your Pip will have a good recovery and many more quality years.

  • Hi Gloria! Glad to see you here! I love Zinnia…her name, her head, everything! Can't wait to hear all about Merry too 🙂

  • I had to come on over here, guys. You've all been so good to my sister and her husband through the dual tragedies of Curie and Zelda. Your support has helped a lot… so I needed to come over and join the community. Thanks for being here.

  • Great to have you, your girls, the basenjis and all of your critters here with us.

  • @AJs:

    Zinnia has a nice classic tail set too…. Her tail doesn't look like a cinnamon bun balanced on a rock. It's nice to see.

    LOL! I will never look at a cinnamon bun the same way! They are all going to be basenji tails instead, and those come with no calories. 🙂

  • Welcome to the forum

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