Hi! Long time basenji owner from Washington

  • Hi! I am a former basenji breeder and currently the owner of
    Wisp: about 18 years old
    Goose: about 15
    Wraith: about 15 as well

    Wisp is the papa of the two younger ones and we lost the momma last year to cancer…

    They are the loves of my life!
    Hope to get to know everyone here!
    Oh and getting a tattoo of a basenji soon, if anyone else has one I'd love to see!

  • Welcome fellow long time Basenji owner. 34 years for me. I just got my forth 2 weeks ago. Wow 18, 15 and 15. I had one live to be 17-1/2. Post some pictures.

  • Welcome to the forums!

  • Thank you! Yeah, bunch of senior citzens in the house! I would love to post some pictures

  • Welcome to the forum!!

    wow that age!!! I sure hope my Basenji's will reach that age!!!

  • Hello and welcome:D

  • Welcome! I have had several very senior citizen basenjis in the past, they are a wonder, like the Energizer Bunny, they just keep going, and going! Look forward to seeing photos!

  • Welcome to the forum, looking foward to seeing some pics of your old timers.

  • Hello fellow long time Basenji friend. They are such a joy to live with aren't they? Do share your longevity secrets:D Is it exercise? Food? Dental care? We had our first two for 15 and 16 years, and decided that more tooth brushing could have helped. We want to keep our newly adopted Leo around a long long time.

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