• Sonny yet again taught his human another lesson in the life of living with a basenji. Do not leave treats in your pants pocket when you take them off and drop them on the floor when you jump in the shower. The clever basenji will then chew through the pants to get to his treats & be sitting at the bathroom door holding the pants in his mouth to show you his achievement! 😃

  • Those of us who show know all to well about NOT leaving things in pockets… Jackets, pants, skirts, dresses are in immediate danger if left close to your Basenji.... and there doesn't even have to be anything in those pockets, just the smell of what "was" there is enough to cause the pocket to be ripped out

  • Yep, Howards jeans are pocketless 😃

  • Houston

    how funny, sorry about your pants..He taught you though..me too, I will not do that after reading about it here.

  • That Sonny Boy is quite the teacher.:D Buddy only jumps up on people who have treats in their pocket. You better get one of those little pouches you put on your belt to put treats in.

  • Yep Zoey ruined my favorite skirt by chewing out the pocket. I have a treat bag now but sometimes I'm in a hurry and put them in my pocket when I dont have the bag at hand. And yes even empty they can smell it.

  • Oh yes, I've learnt that lesson too. :o

    Embroidered Basenji waistcoat with liver cake in pocket found in garden full of holes.

    Thankfully, the supplier had some spare embroidery patches and with a little help from a seamstress, I managed to get it repaired. 🙂

  • Yes, indeed and the dreadful thing is that they can still get the scent after the clothing is washed!! I have always had chewed pockets. At one time my dog walking jacket had holes in both pockets - from Basenjis chewing one side and sheep the other!!

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