He's Arriving On Saturday!

Ladies and gents, meet Kai, our 8 week old B.

This are the pictures the breeder sent, will take more when he gets here 🙂

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Where are you getting Kai from? He may have some relatives here.

Congrats… who is his breeder?

He's lovely, hope Saturday comes around quickly for you 😉

He is lovely, I like his head :).

I don't really know much about the breeder as my partner arranged everything, it was meant to be a surprise, but he finally couldn't keep the secret any longer and told me last weekend!

Details I do have about the breeder (just googled their email address) is a website, I'm sure my partner knows more though:


Hopefully the parents of your puppy were DNA tested for Fanconi. It is a serious condition. You can read about it at www.basenji.org or www.basenjihealth.org along with other basenji health concerns and the important of health testing and having those health tests for public viewing (as seen on www.offa.org)

If this puppy's sire and dam were not tested, I would highly suggest that you do the DNA test on this boy. It is a cheek swab test that you order the kit yourself and well worth the cost of 65.00 for peace of mind.

We are going to be getting him DNA tested next week, I've been spending hours on this website to prepare myself for his arrival.

He is also going to be on a RAW diet 😃

Glad to hear that… Also, I am assuming that he is being shipped (flying)? If so, please note that since he will be in the belly of the plane, many times a puppy will become traumatized, so it might be really difficult with crate training. Remember that he is only 8wks, which many breeders think is too young for a Basenji puppy to leave its Mom and Littermates, put in a crate and loaded on a plane.... it can be pretty scary...

Yeah, I am really worried about how he is going to handle his flight, he's coming form Oklahoma to California, and I'm sure its a direct flight too…so luckily he wont be spending hours upon hours travelling.

I am sure he will be fine though.

You should not be the one doing the health testing on that boy. His parents should have been tested before they were bred. There are also other health concerns in the breed that should have been tested for prior to breeding.

I think, and I could be wrong here but the breeder came recommended to him, as a friend of ours also has a Basenji and I'm pretty sure their B also came from Oklahoma.

We are taking him to the vets anyways to have him checked out, better to be safe than sorry after all.

Most vets are not aware of the DNA test for Fanconi. It must be ordered from OFA, https://secure.offa.org/cart.html. Responsible breeders test prior to breeding so they do not produce Affected puppies.

Here are some articles about living Fanconi Affected dogs written by another forum member.


We are all so passionate about this issue because this disease is so heartbreaking and so preventable as long as the breeder is willing to pay $65 per dog before breeding to know their dog's status.

Congrats on your new addition. I hope you two/three have many, many years of happiness.

As far as crate training, you may want to consider training him to a different type of crate than the one he was transported in. For example, if he's shipped in a plastic crate, you may have an eaisier time training him to a wire crate. Just in case he has a bad association with the plastic one. Stay away from soft/cloth crates. They have short lives with young basenjis.

I know, I was looking into Falconi yesterday and its truly a horrible disease 😞

I will be ordering the DNA test kit today.

agilebasenji, I was actually going to ask you guys about that as well, he wouldn't associate it with his flight and he would also not be able to chew his way out of it 😃


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Thanks Basenjimamma:D

I thought DNA testing could only be done when they are close to 1 year, due to the amount of blood needed?

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