• Solomon has started getting this Real bad gas, He is on Nutro dry dog food, I have noticed this most after I had him boarded a few weeksback. i kinda was thinking maybe he had a parasite infecton of some type. But my female has not seemed to have the problem and she was with him the whole time.
    I am taken them on a trip with me and i am not sure I can stand being in the car with him and my wife at the same time. She is not tolerant of his lack of manners. Does beano work on dogs? Please send any ideas!!


  • Does he have diarrhea or loose stools? Unfortunately, there is not one simple answer as the reason can range from bad food to parasites to illness. Is he in good health other than the room clearing gas?

  • I would really suspect that the kennel gave him a different brand of food, combined with stress, may have had the effect you are describing. Sometimes Kennel help gets mixed up on the food. Some dogs can handle a feeding of different food, and sometimes not. I wouldn't be giving him any other food except for his regular dog food for a couple of days and see how it goes. Has he changed behaviour at all? Does he seem more anxious? Does he follow you everywhere now? Just a thought.

  • I allways take there dog food with them when they stay ate the kennel, He allways looses weight when he stays there. This kennel is his vet also so everyone there knows them both. I suspect it is from the consant activity that goes on in the kennel! It make him very active. Health wise I can not find any thing wrong, although he will be going to get checked out next week. He is traveling with me in the car this weekend. I think I am going to go back to Nutro chicken and Rice, if this does not clear up.

  • Many times a food company will change the process or add/change/delete ingredients. Always when there is a change to digestive process of any of mine, I first consider the food. Could be a bad bag, could be they changed something. And not all dogs react the same, so because one didn't have any reaction, doesn't mean that something has not changed.

  • I was hoping for some advice from this thread. the malinois has such bad gas it will give me headaches! It was worse when i started adding evo to her food, so now she just gets canidae. i would suggest adding probiotic, sometimes it helps.

  • I find Kananga has bad gas every once and awhile. I think Pat might be on to something about the food changing sometimes. I always keep his diet consistent but he still gets really bad gas once and awhile. Could be a rise in anxiety too I suppose.

  • Simethicone is the ingredient in Gas-X. It works by surfactant effect in the gut and is not absorbed into the system at all. It breaks up large gas pockets formed by inhibiting formation of the "skin" similar to that on a drop of water. The simethicone molecules are too large to pass the intestinal/blood barrier. Check with your vet first, but I believe it would be safe to give a dog since it remains exclusively in the gut and has no effect to the lining of the gut. If the large pockets of gas are broken up, perhaps the "tooting" effect would not occur and your eyes would not have the opportunity to water.

  • Sometimes a spoonfull of yogurt a day for a few days will correct this issue.

  • I spent 1200+ miles with solomon in my pickup, and the problem has gone away, I really suspect he caught and ate some type of little critter!! I was checking on them the other evening and caught him just as he was downing something, it was down before i could get out thru the patio! I have taken several birds away from them that the had killed. I have not tried the yorgot yet but will keep it in mine! I wonder if buttermilk would do the same? Thanks for all of the great idea's it has been a much happier home!!

  • Occasionally, when my dogs don't want to go out because of the weather but they do have to poo, they will get a little gassy - and yes, it will clear the room - after they finally admit to themselves they have to go out and get it out, the gas goes away - maybe it's as simple as that.

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