• My 5 month old, Ripley, has started having awful gas in the past few weeks. He hasn't had any change of food, but I'm thinking that his food may not be the best quality. I'm giving him 1/2 cup of ProPlan Performance twice a day and a little bit of salmon oil once a day. Any suggestions about what could be causing the problem, or what I should do?

  • Others will probably have an opinion about the food –I don't know much about it.

    You may try giving him a little canned pumpkin with his meals. My Keoki gets terrible gas -- like, clear the room gas -- when he is a little constipated or just "backed up".

  • Try a little plain yogurt at room temperature.

  • I think there are better foods out there then Pro-Plan, so you might want to think about changing to a better food. That said, if he has been fine on it, then I would wonder if they have changed the process of that food. I don't know if Pro-plan is on the list but there are companies that will buy the ingredients for food at the "cheapest" place available, thereby you never have the same vendor that supplies what goes into the food. And then IMO, you are never sure of the quality

  • @tanza:

    That said, if he has been fine on it, then I would wonder if they have changed the process of that food.

    +1…If I had to guess, they either changed processes or ingredients if he's been fine on it before. There have been 2 different times I've changed foods because my b's changed reaction to it.

    Once was with Timberwolf. I purchased a new bag (had been using it for 2 -3 months successfully) and Brando refused to eat any food from the new bag. I asked about it where I bought it and found out that they had changed it and added chicken fat to their fish based food. I threw the bag out and switched to a different brand of food. Also, the pet store I bought the food at stopped carrying Timberwolf because other households had the same issue and they didn't like the ingredient change without the company informing the retailers.

    Another time was with Wellness Core...both Ruby & Brando started losing weight on it after a new bag was purchased - previously they had done great on it...I threw that out and switched brands.

  • I'm going to try Steve's Frozen Raw food.


  • I know my 2 b's don't do well on anything with Lamb in it.
    So, that would be something to watch for. IMO

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