If sib is "clear" do I need to test brother?

  • I joined the forum a couple of months ago, having bought Bibi and her brother, Chacho, from a couple in Costa Rica. I thank you all for the warm welcome you gave me, and the advice to test my pups as the parents were an "unknown" as far as Fanconi was concerned.

    I did test Bibi and (thank god) her tests came back "Probably clear/Normal." I flubbed the test on Chacho, contaminating the swab (and I'm a nurse!), and by the time they sent me the new test kit Bibi's results were already in.

    Having read about the disease/syndrome I wonder if it is necessary to test her brother as they are from the same parents and same litter.

  • Yes it is still necessary to test the other dog. Two carriers bred together can produce all results, clear, carrier, and affected. So it is possible for you to have two dogs from the same breeding and have one be clear and one be affected.

    Hope that helps!

  • Having a Clear sibling does not mean that the rest of the siblings are unaffected. In fact, one of the forum members here has an Affected puppy that has a Clear sibling and Carrier siblings as well as other affected siblings. Without knowing the parents' results the only way to know the pup is not affected is to test it.

  • That answers my question, so I'll swab Chacho and send it off. Thanks ever so much.

  • Do let us know the results…glad your girl is clear.

  • So if a breeder breeds probable clear dogs it is possible to have a affected puppy in that litter?

  • Houston

    If I understand it right, two probably clear dogs can not have affected puppies…but maybe I don't have that right. Hoepfully somebody with more info will weigh in soon.


  • @NicholasDenis:

    So if a breeder breeds probable clear dogs it is possible to have a affected puppy in that litter?


    If at least one PARENT is clear, then NO puppies should be affected. The worst they would be is a carrier. But if a PUPPY is clear, and parents are untested, then that's another story.

    Puppies can be affected if both parents are carriers or affecteds. (or indeterminates, which are considered carriers at this time)

    The example they are referring to is when a carrier is bred to another carrier. This mating can produce clear offspring, as well as carriers or affecteds. So the whole spectrum. That is why it is not safe when a littermate is clear, because another littermate could be affected.

    A carrier doesn't get sick, but it has both a "normal" gene and a "bad" gene. If the puppy gets the normal gene from both parents, it's clear. If it gets the bad gene from both parents, it's affected. If it gets a normal from one parent and a bad from the other, then it becomes a carrier too.

    The only scenario where you could get a clear puppy in the same litter as an affected puppy is when two carriers are bred together. But that is unfortunately a very common scenario, especially with people who don't do the DNA test and only rely on the urine test or no test at all.

  • For those who are visual learners, you can check out this page for some charts on what you can expect from different breedings. You cannot get Affected puppies if one parent is Clear.


  • Houston

    Thanks Ivoss, that helped. I knew I had already seen that diagram, but couldn't remember where.
    I see that my Otis is "safe", both of his parents tested probable clear/normal. I will test him anyway to have him in the system, just haven't gotten to it yet.


  • I'm hapy to report that Chacho's fanconi test came back clear/normal. That was good news.

  • Houston

    Awesome news, congrats.

  • Great news:D

  • Mutation can occur at any time! There is never a guarantee only a probability.

    However mutation is a rare occurrence so don't panic anyone!

  • fantastic results, congrats!

  • First Basenji's

    A whole new world has opened up to me since I joinned this forum and learning to navaigate it.

    I 've had my Belle since she was 8 weeks old, no history on her parents…she is wonderful. Getting to know this breed has been quit a journey.
    Now I have two rescure B's, brothers , no history, and they are my forever dogs now!:)

    They were in poor condition when I got them, 10 weeks ago, I've got their skin condition's healed and under controll....weight gain, happy campers now.

    Sooooo, testing....what do I need to get, to do the test myself or is the vet the best way.

    Anything you can tell me, there is a wealth of experience out here and I need to learn more now that I have this pack.

    I love this breed, they match my personality..... to

    Let moi know,

    Baroooos & toe kisses form the Hart Pack, Belle, Ra & Shango:)

  • Hi

    You can download information you need at: http://www.basenjihealth.org/linkage-faq.html. I purchased the test online, they sent the kit (it is very easy to obtain the sample-it is a saliva sample), I sent it to them, and I got results in about four weeks.

    Hope that helps. Looks as though you have your hands full. I agree with you; basenjis are the only breed. 🙂

  • Houston

    I did the same thing. Go online, get the kits in the mail, take the test (easy check swab) in the AM, before food has been given, careful not to touch the test with your hands, send it off and wait a week or two for answers, that by the way is the hardest, the wait.. Very easy to do, and painless for the dog..

    By the way, as far as doing both Ra and Shango, I would do it as you do not know about their parents.

  • First Basenji's


    Geez, this is like some of my friends waiting on there AIDS testing…..I'll order soon. Lets try and set a play date next week Tuesday and Thursdays are good for me

    Later 🆒

  • Houston

    Either day is good for me as well. Let's see how the weather is supposed to be, maybe we will get that cool front they were talking about..

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