• My breeder had already had her girls tested, so I knew there was a good chance one of mine would be affected. I of course didn't want either to be, but thought if one had to be, let it be Chey. You see, Chey will eat anything and to pill her would be easy. Apache on the other hand is indifferent to food, won't eat any kind of treat you can hide a pill in and is extremely difficult to pill by hand. The results came back and sure enough, it was Apache.

    My heart sank and at night when he was snuggled close, I would pet him and cry, thinking of what life has in store for my beautiful boy and wondering for how long I will have him snuggling next to me. Although I've gotten over the worst of that, there are still nights….

    Each time I strip test I hold my breath and pray it stays the same. Each time it does, I wonder if it will the next time.

    This is the hand I've been dealt and I HAVE to be prepared, for myself and for him. I know quite a few people that have already afflicted dogs. I see how well they do on the protocol and can only hope that IF Apache ever becomes symptomatic that he will do as well.

    If the time comes and he doesn't respond...my heart will shatter, but I will once again do what is best for him. We do all that we can and then let them go so they are free from any suffering. I hate even thinking about it...but how can you not?

    These are the things that go through my head on a daily basis. It is what it is...I don't like it..but I will deal with it...that's really the only choice we have. We love them, we keep them happy and as healthy as possible and we pray that the day never comes that the strip changes color.

  • I'm right there with you. Medjai will eat food and spit out pills, so for his heartworm meds, I have to literally shove it down his throat, and am making sure to give him a treat and a good boy afterwards. I am hoping he will get used to this so it will be easier when I have to start the protocol.

    How old is apache? I hope you have many more good years without need for the protocol, and many years after that too.

  • Hi Michael..I'm sorry Medjai tested "probably" affected. I hope neither of our boys EVER actually get it.

    I'm also going to have Apache retested when they get the actual DNA figured out. While the results will most likely be the same…I can always hope.

    Apache will be 3 in November. I started strip testing him immediately upon getting the results and have been trying everything I can think of to get him to eat things I can get a pill into. If I could get a pill in a pile of whip cream I'd be set.... that's the only thing he really likes. Chey takes thyroid meds and I use cream cheese for that. Apache will sometimes take it, sometimes not. I have to shove his heartworm pill down his throat too and it's not an easy task. Just keep trying to find something Medjai can't live without...and if you do..let me know what it is!!!!!

  • With Medjai, I can put his heartworm pill in a little bit of shredded cheese, and mold it into a ball, only once, did he crack the pill, then spit it out. There are a ton of things Medjai can't live without, but he doesn't eat them, just roles in them. I am just now starting to loosen up with him not eating ANY people food, but I know he only half likes either cooked or raw top round. My guess would be that he would eat a tiny meatball with a pill stuck in it.

  • LOL…on the rolling!!!! Apache will eat a raw meatball although only after he rolls it around in his mouth, drops it on the floor and inspects it. He's a very suspicious little guy. If he finds a pill in anything I give him, he won't take it the next time.

    Mine eat people food daily. I cook up meat and veggies to add to their kibble. My husband says they usually eat better then he does!

  • Lynn, knowing you as I've come to, I have no doubt that you'll find a way to get those meds into Apache IF the time comes! I know you'll make the boy a filet mignon every night if that's what it takes! What will the hubby say then? ;o)

  • If Medjai gets any pickier, I think he may be eating food that's more expensive than eating a filet mignon every night.

  • You're not kidding, etzbeseder! I spend more a week on dog food (canned and dry) than I do on my own food, I think! These dogs of ours knew what they were doing when the "picked" us! 🙂

  • You do know me, and you're right. I will find a way to pill my little guy if the time comes!!!! When it comes down to it…we will do everything within our power to keep them as healthy as possible!

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