• i just went to order heartworm pills for tayda and lenny online. my vet charges $62 per 12 month supply for each dog. If you order from petcarerx.com…. it is $48 per 12 month supply (free shipping) - but put them in your cart and then before checking out try to close the window. the window won't close and a window pops up offering you an additional 20% off… so i just got a 12 month supply for each dog for like $78

    I suppose it would work for other things ordered from that site as well but i just did it for the heartworm... just thought I'd pass that along!

  • I just two days ago ordered heartgard from Foster and Smith. My vet charges twice as much as I got it for but it still wasn't as cheap as you found it for! I will keep that in mind for when I have to get Zip more.

  • Great tip! :):) In these tough economic times, every penny counts! :):)

    Another online company to check and compare prices to is discountpetdrugs.com. And regardless of which company you choose, don't forget to go to retailmenot.com and see if the company (that you chose) has other discount/promo/coupon code that you can use.

  • Just be careful when you get the items that you check the expiration dates….

  • Nicki and Liz not sure what you paid for heartguard at Foster and Smith but go to upco.com. Heartguard up to 25 lbs tablets $21.95 or chewables are $21.50 for 6 months.
    The Heartguard Plus chewable for 6 months is $21.50. Still have shipping and handling like $5.50 less amount of money and $4.00 for more money spent. On line or call them and get a catalog they have all kinds of things and usually not priced all that bad.
    If I am incorrect on prices they have gone up as this was the spring catalog and I have not ask for a fall one I usually just go on line.

    Rita Jean

  • Hey Michelle…Thanks for the tip, what a deal! I just used up the last of my interceptor.

    Now normally I buy meds at the vet to help support their business (even though I know I pay more). But this year, they are putting a new wing on their building in honor of my basenjis (:D:D kidding, but seems like they could for all I've spent :D:D:D) - so this next batch of meds I'll be buying online.

    Oh, and Pat is right about checking expiration dates - always heard that you need to be careful buying online for that very reason.

  • Your correct Pat but just want to set the record on UPCO. United Pharmacal Company in St Joseph, Mo. Been around a long time not some fly by night company. I have even been in there warehouse / store they are very large. I do not care if anyone uses them just were I have always foud the best for the least.

    Rita Jean

  • @Rita:

    Nicki and Liz not sure what you paid for heartguard at Foster and Smith but go to upco.com. Heartguard up to 25 lbs tablets $21.95 or chewables are $21.50 for 6 months.

    Well we got Heartgard Plus, which is a little more expensive. I also ordered a lot of glucosamine and I wanted to get the heartgard plus and glucosamine from the same place online to not pay shipping twice.

  • Great and when you can save S/H even better.

    Rita Jean

  • Houston

    My vet is very concerned about loosing business so he will meet the price, so last month I got pricing off of Entirelypets.com and heartguard plus for 12 months were $36.99, and he met it..so I got a deal compared to last time I bought and paid full price at $62.00.

  • The price I got $78 for 2 x 12 month supply was for the Heartguard Plus, up to 25 lbs, that comes in the blue box. Will be sure to check the expiration dates - thanks for the tip! You also get a $5 off coupon for a next purchase.

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