Dealing with mouth ulcers/gum inflammation

Good morning, my Moko wasn’t eating very well and we discovered he had gum inflammation and some mouth ulcers. Vet started him on antibiotics took them ok for a week,also started feeding him rice and wet food followed by his antibiotics which he took with no problems for a week. Well now when I give him his meds he throws everything up. I plan on calling vet this morning and see what they say, just thought I’d reach out to everyone here and see if anyone had any suggestions or similar situations.
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Have your vet research CUPS disease. We had to brush Arwen's teeth every day, get them cleaned at vet under anesthesia every 4 to 6 mos, and low steroid to keep her's controlled. She lost 8 teeth by the time she was 5 and we got it balanced and under control. Although they don't list Basenjis as a common issue, I know of several who have it.

This sort of problem is not one that is likely to be resolved by 'guesswork' - i.e. suggestions from people unfamiliar with the particular dog. You should let you Vet handle it.

Good luck !

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Hello there. I was curious to know what type of food did you feed your dog prior to what you are feeding now. I would avoid dry kibble. Try placing your dog on a raw diet. (Meat and uncooked bones) along with very little fiber.
Nowadays, it's difficult to trust the pet food industry. More and more dogs and cats are getting sick due to contaminates in dry dog food.
Again best of luck.

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Yes, I am working with my vet as we speak. I was just reaching out to other basenji owners to hear there experience. I wasn’t planning treatment based on supposition and guess work.


My breeder’s daughter is a vet tech and mentioned CUPS as well. Thanks for the links, I’ll read up on this. I’ll post more once I hear from my vet. My original concern when I posted was that he was throwing up after I gave him his antibiotics with food. I’ve contacted the vet and was told to stop the meds until I can get him back in to be looked at. I appreciate your response.


There is a difference between "more and more ...getting sick" and more are reported thanks to internet/online reporting.

There is no evidence that raw diets are healthier (or as healthy even). In fact, with a dog with possible autoimmune issues, a raw diet could be dangerous and is something the owner needs to discuss with their vet nor veterinary nutritionist.

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