• Willow and Barkley both got into two packs of gum about two months ago. It was in my work bag and on the couch. Brad and I went to work out and were gone 45 mins. When we got home two packs, paper and all gone! We rushed them to the emergency vet where they induced vomiting and put them on fluids. They had to stay overnight and be monitored the whole next day. But got to go home the next day. Their liver values were high and we have had them checked twice since the run in. They were checked again on Friday and though their liver values are down, (200 vs. 500) they are still high than normal. We are going on $1700 now and we just don?t know what to do. They act completely normal but since this is such a new problem our vet really doesn?t know what to tell us. We have to go back in 2-4 weeks and if they are still elevated they want to do more blood work and even ultrasounds. I would love to hear and learn more about the effects. I have read and read on the internet but nothing about liver values being high for longer than a few days. Thanks for any information!

  • Wow - I don't have any answers, but I'm very sorry to hear of your misfortune. I hope everything works it's self out alright…

  • Has your vet consulted with a veterinary toxicologist about this? The liver is capable of repairing itself over time. Did you ask if the lowering of the enzyme value back towards normal is a sign that the liver is healing?

  • Houston

    Wow, I have never heard of this either..Please keep us posted.

  • I don't chew gum but I guess the sugarless gums can be toxic. Regular sugar gum wouldn't hurt.

  • @nobarkus:

    I don't chew gum but I guess the sugarless gums can be toxic. Regular sugar gum wouldn't hurt.

    Too much sugar is not OK for them…. and can cause problems

  • @tanza:

    Too much sugar is not OK for them…. and can cause problems

    What I meant was a one time incident not on a regular basis. I had one of mine grab and eat a whole See's chocolate bar, the kind the kids sell while I was outside. That had chocolate and sugar and he was fine.

  • Houston

    Nothing like a B high on sugar…I'm sure..

  • I'm sorry to hear you are dealing with this, I hope you figure out what is going on soon. I have seen articles on Xylitol (an ingredient in sugarless gum) online…if you google it, there is quite a bit if information out there. Tosca got a piece of chewed Trident once, and I called the vet after, espcecially since they are such little dogs. The vet told me not to worry since the gum was chewed, and most likely the Xylitol was already gone, but did say that even 1-2 pieces of unchewed gum can cause problems. This always worries me when we have visitors over cause Tosca loves to explore purses:P Luckily, we haven't had any other run-ins so far...good luck!

  • I didn't realise that gum could be so dangerous. I hope willow and Barkley soon recover.
    My old Basenji had a liver problem, nothing to do with gum, but the vet prescribed a powder called Samylin to sprinkle on his food to help his liver and also Destolit tablets.
    As someone has already said the liver can and does repair itself in a lot of cases.

  • Try the liver cleansing diet from Dr Dodds. Worked on one of mine to bring down the enzyme levels.


  • Thanks for all the insight! I am going to try this diet and get back to everyone. Right now, we have them on Fish Oil pills and Denysol (sp??) The good thing is, the pups are acting just fine! 🙂 It is just those darn liver values!

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