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Basenji NOVA Meetup?

Anyone in the Leesburg area want to meetup at local dog parks?

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Found this thread and figured I would respond. I have an almost 1yr old Male (27 November) and would be interested in meeting up with other Basenji owners and their dogs. I live near Quantico and quite honestly don't see any other Basenjis ever. Will drive to most parks in the NOVA area.

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I have a 25lb Male who will be 1yr on the 27th. I don't plan on getting him neutered. I will not be breeding him either. He is a house dog and is always on a leash when outside. I see no need for neutering from that standpoint. He doesn't mark in my house and has not made any mistakes in the house since he was three months old. There will obviously be differing opinions on the issue. Do your research.

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I brought my Basenji home as a young pup and had him on a raw diet. I've never given him kibble and he is doing excellent. I purchase from my local grocery store, everything from chicken, pork, lamb, duck, turkey etc. I also throw in fresh sardines and anchovies from time to time. He handles it all, along with the raw bones. I also throw a little quick oats in from time to time, along with a few veggies here and there. He is eight months old on the 27th and looks great. There is never a worry about any sort of your research.

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I Was just curious how often do people give there dogs baths, obviously basenjis are very clean and I would assume with there short hair and cleanliness they need baths less often then other breeds but I want to be sure not to bath him too often or too little.

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This basenji is being rehomed on Craigslist. Poor little guy. I had tried to reach out but he was looking for someone living close to philly so he can see the home it would be living in.

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@giza1 that does sound like a scam but there are lots of actual dogs on Craigslist in need of a good home some people don’t want to place there dog in a shelter and hope to find someone who would give there a dog a good home. If someone is posting a dog on Craigslist they are most likely not worthy owners. So getting a dog from Craigslist u can look at as a rescue because you really are rescuing them from unfortunate circumstances..
I got extremely lucky in finding a 4 month basenji on Craigslist we drove to Philadelphia(not from same person) picked him up and has had no problems at all other then a food allergy. He was checked for Fanconi and we’ve done lots of tests to make sure he was ok with every possibility... even if he was terminally ill I would have rather picked him up and gave him the best years of his life as opposed to leaving him with the people who obviously could not take care of him and therefore posting him and litter mates on Craigslist.

Always be careful when meeting someone on Craigslist though there’s lots of scams and bad people but there are also lots of real dogs in need of loving homes.

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@donc he’s about 27 lbs and thank you

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Absolutely. It’s constant play time for him

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He is 1 and 1/2 we rescued him

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