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Hi, my basenji and I recently moved back to LA from San Diego. I've already been back to SD twice to see my vet down there (Dr. Goetz at Animal Care Clinic is the BEST) but I really should find a vet up here. Can anyone recommend a great vet (who's familiar with B's) in the West LA/LAX/South Bay?


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Thanks so much! I emailed them to see what they charge. I really appreciate they help 🙂

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Hi - I have to go out of town July 22-24 and I need someone to come to my house to take my 8yo out for a walk in the am and pm. She's very sweet, but needs her walks! Normally my roommate does it when I travel, but he'll be out of town too. I have someone else staying with us, so my girl will get fed, I just need someone willing to go for 2 30 minute walks on Tues, Wed, and Thurs (just the morning walk on Thurs). Please let me know what you'd charge. Thank you very much!
Lori and Avery

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Hi Monica!
Avery and I loved meeting everyone - we'll try to make it up to see you all again this Saturday.

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