• So at the dog park lately dogs have been coming behind Kili to lick her in the female area. It has gotten much more annoying lately. (She just turned 3 in December.) I have been strip testing for a year now and never noticed a real color change. My question is, is it possible that the dogs are licking the leftover urine from her which may contain glucose?

    What are your thoughts on this?



  • Have you done the DNA test to find out her status? If not, you can order a test kit from the OFA website, http://www.offa.org

    As for dogs being interested in her pee, I would have her checked for a urinary tract infection. I have two girls just getting over infections right now whose only symptoms were others "chattering" at their pee and being a bit more "bitchy" with the household.

  • OMG an Atlantan with a basenji! Which park do you go to?

    Good luck figuring out why other dogs are so interested in her girly parts. And I suggest getting the DNA test also.

  • I am guessing she is fixed? Otherwise…..

  • Piedmont Park…we're there pretty much every day b/t 5:30 - 6:30. There is also a DP over in the Decatur/Oakhurst area that we go to sometimes b/c of the renovation being done to Piedmont...Piedmont is way too small right now...but hopefully the new DP will be open this summer.

    There are actually quite a few of "us". Over the last 3 years we've met at least 10-20 different B's, and that is probably closer to 20. Right now there are 3-4 other "regulars". Kili's boyfriend Rhett, a new 1 year old named DJ, and another male named Akeel, who was supposed to be getting a sister last week.

    Yeah, looking at doing the DNA test now...was going to take her to the vet for it, but might as well do it myself I guess. I've found Kili's pedigree online, but none of them are coming up in the OFA database. I never registered Kili b/c we had no intentions of showing/breeding her. Which in hindsight was probably a mistake b/c she is the best looking B I've ever seen (biasedly proud father 😃 )


  • @sharronhurlbut:

    I am guessing she is fixed? Otherwise…..

    yep, she's fixed…right before we got her she had an umbilical hernia...her breeder was about to have it operated on, and while they were in there I went ahead and asked the breeder to have her fixed at the same time.

  • I would also suggest a DNA test for Fanconi regardless of the interest in her by other dogs, especially in light that you are not finding her sire and dam in the OFA data base. Who are her sire and dam?

    That said, I would still take her to the Vet and have her checked for a UTI. That will certainly make other dogs interested in her, spayed or in-tact.

    And also just a note, there would be no reason to fix an umbilica hernia, they are very common in the breed, and unless there was a problem, not necessary to put them under just to fix. And yes, typically they are fixed when spayed, as they are already in there.

  • Interesting…I'm not sure why she told me that then?

    She is from a breeder (who appears to no longer be breeding) named Shade Tree Kennels in Sparta, TN. Her parents are O'Sirius Ruler of Anubus (sire) and either Kaya Rain or Naya Sun, I don't remember which and I don't have the papers with me now. The woman had two females and the male. Both of her females had litters within a week, and I don't recall which litter Kili came from. I guess looking back she may have been a "puppy mill", b/c she had several different breeds. But she was a groomer too and kept very good care of the animals. Kili came very "people broken". She loves everyone around her, children included. And she was very used to other dogs. At the time I just really wanted a basenji puppy and BRAT was VERY reluctant to place one with a first time owner. So I found the closest breeder that I could find.

    Are there other symptoms of UTI? I mean other than the interest "back there" by other dogs there seems to be nothing wrong. She hasn't had any accidents in the house. She doesn't pee frequently.

    EDIT: Thanks to everyone's responces. I do appreciate the advice.

  • UTI's can present themselves in a number of different ways. If just starting, you might not see accidents…. or maybe you just haven't found them... 🙂
    It is always best to be sure by checking with your Vet because it can get worse... as lvoss noted her girls that had UTI's didn't have accidents, but the rest of the B's in the house were "clacking" "chattering" teeth and the girls were "bitchy"....

    In looking at the pedigree of the sire and dam (Kaya Rain and Naya Sun are sisters), there is Fanconi in those Pedigrees.

  • Thanks Tanza…I'll get her to the vet this weekend.

    How did you find the fanconi in her pedigree? I searched all the offspring of Kaya and Naya...did you find it under their parents? Thanks again.

  • Though accidents in the house, increased peeing, and fever can be present with a UTI they don't have to be. I have girl who is finishing her second week of antibtiotics today whose only real symptom was the other dogs in my house showing interest in her pee. Her infection was graded Severe so it is not just mild or just starting infections that can have few symptoms. Some dogs are very stoic.

  • @Basenjinewbee:

    Thanks Tanza…I'll get her to the vet this weekend.

    How did you find the fanconi in her pedigree? I searched all the offspring of Kaya and Naya...did you find it under their parents? Thanks again.

    I know the bloodlines of many of the old dogs in her pedigree and that they either had Fanconi or produced Fanconi. In Kaya's pedigree the Djakomba's Spotlight lines are Fanconi or Fanconi Producers among others. In the sire's lines, the Kazor's Intrepid Icebreaker lines are Fanconi or Fanconi produced along with the Reveille Boutonniere lines (even though he was clear himself)

    Those of us who breed have spent lots of time before the DNA Fanconi test learning about different lines and what health concerns there were.

  • I agree that it may be a UTI but it could also be vaginitis. Other dogs often respond to vaginitis with teeth clicking and licking.

  • well, got in to the vet yesterday. No UTI. And even better, there were no traces of glucose in the urine sample at all. I know that doesn't mean she's in the clear yet, but at least I know she's not spilling yet. So, now I don't know why other dogs take such an interest. Oh well. Next step, DNA test.

    Thanks again to all


  • Glad the report you got is good…let us know how it goes.

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