• As I was walking my dogs this morning, a woman stopped her car next to me to remark how beautiful they were. Then she told me she had seen a movie with Wallace Beery maybe 40 years ago with basenjis in it - they were hunting dogs (naturally). She has wanted one ever since she saw that movie. I had never heard of any basenjis in movies, and wonder if any of you out there have heard of this movie - she could not remember the title. I know there are archives out there with old movies, but I have not been able to find what she was talking about. . . it would be great to find it and get a DVD - I know they are making DVD's of lots of the really old films these days.

  • I know of one movie with a Basenji. It was called "Goodbye My Lady" I think, the time period would have been right. I do not know the star.

  • Sally's website has a list of books and movies etc that have had Bs in them. Maybe your film will be there.

  • There's another movie that's a 3 part series made in India in the 50s called the Apu Trilogy. The first part has a Basenji in it. I have the movie and my friend Susan has as her name Apu Basenjis.

  • Goodbye My Lady made in 1956 with Walter Brennan and Brandon DeWilde is the best known movie with a basenji in it.

  • Thanks for your replies - I went to Amazon.com and they do have Goodbye My Lady on VHS - the star is Walter Brennan - sounds like a lovely story and I may just get it! There are some books with Basenjis on that site too - August Magic struck my eyes, and I think I'll order that as well. When I see that lady again I'll ask her if perhaps Goodby My Lady is what she was referring to.

  • On the topic of movies, there is a nice tribute to movie dogs on youtube. Goodby My Lady (aka The Boy and the Laughing dog) is shown very briefly there.


    Actually, his whole channel is focused on dogs in movies. http://www.youtube.com/user/ReelDogs

  • My love of the Congo from Goodbye My Lady is in Sally's site as well. Found her way back in my Kate's line.

    If you haven't been to Sally's site…. http://www.pedigrees.zandebasenjis.com/

    If you will give Sally your dogs info, post here…http://www.basenjiforums.com/showthread.php?t=6597&highlight=sally%27s+site

    I LOVE this site!! (Sorry I went OT)

  • There's a new movie out on Netflicks called Soulmate which has a basenji in it. It's a horror movie and Annibus the barkless basenji is in it.

  • LOL, only basenji lovers can appreciate the appropriateness of our dogs in horror movies! 🙂

  • First Basenji's


    I know of one movie with a Basenji. It was called "Goodbye My Lady" I think, the time period would have been right. I do not know the star.

    I just watched the movie Goodbye my Lady a few days ago, the older man was Walter Brennen and do not know the boy's name. That Basenji girl was a very good actress! Wonder how long it took to find a Basenji that would take instruction and commands? For instance to have her 'point' at the birds in a 'play bow' and stay like that to get it on film!!! If anyone never saw this movie, it is very worth while to watch and the book is a good read too!!!

  • First Basenji's

    oh my! that is really cool to have found this information about your girl!!! Is she as obedient as her great great grandma?

  • The boy was played by Brandon deWilde. Several Basenjis were used in the lead role, the main "star" being "MY LADY OF THE CONGO" bred by Veronica Tudor-Williams of Molesey, England. Lots more information here: http://www.apubasenjis.com/Good-Bye%20My%20Lady_a.pdf

  • First Basenji's

    wow, thanks for the link! that was heartwarming! I was so pleased to find out that Brandon was eventually the owner, the bond is obvious in the movie. when the boy leaves behind the door, the tree where she was tied, and in that last scene where she scrapes at the kennel door in the truck!!! and of course when she is on his shoulders!!!! loved it!!!

  • Never heard of basenji acting in movie and didn't watch Goodbye My Lady so will watch this movie tomorrow and will share my reviews on Monday.

  • First Basenji's

    Good Bye my lady brings tears to me. I love this move. In some old Johnny Weissmuller , Tarzan movies you can see the natives jumping around with basenjis around there necks. My hubby and I carried our first baby around like this.

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