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It's so upsetting to hear this. It makes one wonder why cancer is so common in our dogs. My two pups passed from cancer. I just recently lost Talker at 14 1/2 years of age. His niece Savannah passed at 9 years of age. I am so sorry that you have gone thru so many losses.

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I live in Pasadena, California. I just recently lost my 14 year old basenji to cancer. Me and my husband have had two basenjis that we have given the best life possible. We would love to have two puppies. I have a toddler in my life who lived with us for two years. She learned how to give him treats, make him sit and then give him his treats. Me and my husband are missing not having pups in the house. we have had 14 years of basenji experience. I am checking around for avaiable basenjis. If anyone can direct us to a reputable breeder, please do. Thank you.

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There's a new movie out on Netflicks called Soulmate which has a basenji in it. It's a horror movie and Annibus the barkless basenji is in it.

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Hi it's me Laura. Your Ziggy is my dog's father.
Anyway please have your female checked. My Savannah (talker's niece) had stump pyrometa. She also was spayed 9 years before. She had a swollen vuvla and was licking. The vet thought it was a bad UTI bc antibiotics were not working. An ultra sound revealed that tissue left behind had bc seriously infected causing the pyrometa. Savannah had surgery but passed away almost two weeks after her surgery. The ultrasound reveal an enlarged liver and mass. She had cancer and it was aggressive.

I believe her system was so compromised by the infection that she couldn't fight the cancer. She passed away on July 23.

We miss her. Please get yours check ASAP.

Laura and Talker.

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Has anyone seen the basenji in the new Eukanuba Commercial? The commercial was shot in Oregon. There's a basenji (finall) on top of a boulder….looking exceptionally grand!

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That last pic is a classic! Size doesn't matter to a basenji and when he's full grown his courage and ego will be bigger than his buddy. Great pic.

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Thank you. It's been hard. She's been ill for awhile and the options ran out for us this week. This afternoon Casey went on her journey to the bridge. My basenji s
Savannah was seen several Times this week sitting near Casey. This morning she stayed on the couch with Casey. I think savannah sensed that Casey was passing on and she was very sensitive to Casey. Talker on the other kept poking himself right up into Casey's face and was very provoking with Casey.

In the past Casey would become annoyed with talker and she would swat his face several times with no affect. She never did that with Savannah. They were friends.

I wonder if she is aware that Casey is no longer here. Casey was 17 years old and once the basenjis arrived she had a quiet presence – except when she took over the job of being my morning alarm clock. I'm going to miss that every morning.

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Hi sorry I missed you. I work Tuesday thru Friday. I would only be able to meet Saturday and Sunday. Unfortunately this weekend is tied up on a work matter and my 17 year old cat that is very ill. I'll check back.

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Oh never mind about my question. I saw your response about your camera. Thanks!

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I live very close to eaton canyon. Let me know when u plan tobe in the area. Maybe we can meet up with Tree. She lives in the area also.

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