Basenji hieroglyphics in the movie The Ten Commandments

  • What is it with the biblical Charleton Heston movies? I watch them every time they are on TV, just like watching White Christmas during the festive season.

    So here I am watching The Ten Commandments - wow, they have really worked on the film itself. It looks like it's in high definition. I keep looking for a basenji hieroglyphic - no sightings yet.

    I just looked up Pharaoh dogs, and found out that they have nothing to do with Egypt, but rather Malta. So which dogs were the ones a person would see in the hieroglyphics. Would it be a basenji?

  • I have seen photos of 'glyphs with small curly tailed dogs as well as larger loopy-tailed dogs, some in the same scene. One can only assume the smaller curly tailed ones are the basenjis!

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