• I got to thinking about how some dogs look like their owners. Then I got to thinking how much our attitudes are alike (me and my dogs).

    Aloof towards strangers - both me and the dogs
    Stubborn - definately both
    Very inquisitive (have to know what is going on) - yup
    High strung
    Active yet can be very lazy….
    Smart/learn quickly

    I'm sure I had more things when I thought of the idea. But of course this is all I can think of at the moment.

  • First Basenji's


  • First Basenji's

    I gotta say I haven't had the chance yet to bond and be one with my "soon to be " B, but those traits you named seem to match me exactly lol! I am not so aloof per-say its all depending on the the situation, but more than 2 people I start freaking a little.. again situation depending at work I can be in front of a million and not care… but on the street idk so much..

  • First Basenji's

    Sorry I doubled my message and then realized I couldn't delete the one I didn't want…

  • Okay, I can play this game!
    I'll remove "high strung" from your list as pertaining to me, but I'll add "quiet", and "dislike of the wet". And I'm not so much "aloof" but rather I like to hang back while I check out the scene, then I'll be friendly… or not.

  • LOL, not sure I share a lot of traits with my basenjis, except not following rules and being independent. So much of the words could be applied to many breeds, it's the total package that makes them so unique!
    As far as aloofness, though–I'd talk to a stump.

    What I do notice is that 2 of my chosen breeds (Chows and Basenji == the other is Rottweilers) are ancient dogs who are not too impressed with being told what to do or pleasing others. The Rottweiler, overly eager to please, is odd breed out.

    I know that life on a dog board really truly does show similar owner traits, lol. The Rottie board is full of tough women who aren't concerned if you have a strong opinion since they have their own. And I fit that.

    The chow board, omg.. 17 yrs on that board and if there is a fight, EVERYONE who isn't in the fight disappears til it's over. Other than puppymillers/byb/abuse, everyone stays out of it. No jumping on the bandwagon, no people waiting til someone ELSE says something then listing a host of their own issues since time began (ie piling on). They fight their own fights, but they don't get into others. And that is so much like the breed, lol.

    I used to moderate AOL dog boards. If there were over 300 posts on the Rottie board, there was a huge fight or disagreement going on. Normally we might have 60 to 80 posts a day.One day my dd came in and I opened the golden retriever board -- which had about the same number of regular posters. I groaned "340 something posts" and my daughter said "what are they fighting about?" I said "Nothing, they always post that much." LOL.

  • Aloof towards strangers - both me and the dogs – yes, me/them too.
    Stubborn - definitely both - We prefer the term indepentent thinkers
    Very inquisitive (have to know what is going on) - yup - well, them yes, me not so much.
    High strung - hooboy!
    Active yet can be very lazy…. also totally us.
    Smart/learn quickly - them yes - me - well, they teach very well but me? - see "determined" above.

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