Basenji human clothing

Other than the what I call 'standard' basenji human clothing items (like the word basenji on a t-shirt, or a face of a basenji on a t-shirt), does anyone know where I can find human clothing that has basenjis in the design of the fabric? I am looking for a pair of what I would call 'loungng pants" - not PJs (though those would be okay too), but something comfy I can wear around the house that doesn't look like PJs. Yes, basenji fever has struck me badly. 🙂

how handy are you? I know you can find basenji fabric and there is a company that you can create your own fabric. it's a bit pricy, but might be worth it. otherwise, you could buy cotton lounging pants and use basenji stamps with fabric paint to basenji-fy it yourself.

Well, I am not handy or artistic at all. So I think I might have to hunt for some or wait for local dog shows and see if I can do some networking. Thanks for those suggestions though - really appreciate it.

i dont think stamping or stencils would require too much talent. 😉

Well, you have given me an idea. My sister is very artistic. If I bought some cotton lounge pants and gave her fabric paint, she could possibly draw some basenjis on the pants for me.

Here is a link to some of her ceramic work.

^yep! i have the best basenji coffee travel mug from there.

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