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    Hopefully no one has to use it.

  • I had one choking incident a long time ago, with my girl Tamu. She got a piece of apple core stuck in her throat and was frantic to dislodge it. She could breath (and scream!) and also was lashing out at anyone who came near her. I didn't have an actual plan except to avoid being bitten, but I did manage to remove the offending core, after which she was just fine, but it was a scary moment. And a reminder that a scared or hurting dog may bite! She even snapped at my other girl, Lady, when she came close. Of my five Basenjis, two would react badly to pain (e.g. painfully cold feet in winter), the other three were stoic and knew that you were trying to help them in a crisis.

  • @Kembe, nice post! We've gone to solid food chopped up in a food processor, but we're grinding it a bit more course as we go. So far, no puppies are choking, but good to know!

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