Alpha Male or Alpha Female?

  • Are basenjis ruled by the alpha male or alpha female? Mister Two Dicks is a 3 1/2 year old male basenji that I have had for 2 years. Three days ago I adopted Pepper, an 18 month old female. No wonder they call them bitches. Although they seem to have accepted each other, Pepper has "stolen" Mister Two Dicks' favorite lounge spot. I have a single lounge with an old blanket laying across it. Until she came along it was his spot. Yesterday she was laying on it and he was trying to pull the blanket and her off the lounge chair. She just stood her ground and growled at him. He gave up. The same thing happened today. It seems that although she is younger, she will rule the roost with him. Is this normal for basenji packs?

  • Yes, its normal, and things will go best if you back her with this behavior.
    Bitches most always rule.
    The males expect it.
    If you support her, there should be little conflict.

  • I agree… typically bitches rule

  • Its funny that you mentioned this…

    Kylie, (my breeder), told me that Ochre would definately rule over Saba, once she matured, possibly after her first season... Well she is 17 months old now, and she appears to have no inkling to rule, at all... In fact he is definately 'the boss', she is VERY respectful of him, all the time. I guess she could be boss over him at anytime she wants, but right now she is happy being 'number 2', in the pack of 3 🙂

    Vanda, on the other hand, pushes Saba to the limit, she has been told off by him a number of times, and is gutsy enough, (read stoopid...), to answer him back. Funnily enough she actually doesnt push Ochre, (much), when they have a tiff :). Need to keep an eye on the 2 girls, methinks !!!

  • The lead dog or bitch is usually the least snarky of the lot. At least that's been my and my gramma's experience.

  • Rally most definately is believes girls rule and so though Nicky is the eldest in the pack, in almost all situations he is the low man on the totem pole. In some situations, he takes the lead but they are rare.

    In my mom's household, TC has never really pushed for much and integrated into the household fairly easily. Baby Bella on the other hand believes the same as her cousin Rally, Girls Rule, and she expects both my mom's boys to acknowledge that. This usually isn't too big a deal but every so often it creates friction.

  • Thanks everyone. Great answers. I think Mister Two Dicks is in for a hard life. LOL

  • Cheyanne is defiantly the "little momma" here LOL when the boys are playing and she thinks there to rough she steps in and they both have that deer in the headlight look and stop in there tracks 🙂

  • @tanza:

    I agree… typically bitches rule

    Yaaaaay !!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry couldn't resist 😃

  • Houston

    Our itty bitty 10lbs non B, Luna, is our alphabitch, she rules those boys like it is nobodies business, and they let her..

    Seems to be very harmonious in the pack, so I am not going to interfer..

  • My 11 month old bitch, Shaye, is definitely the alpha female - when we adopted her 18 month old companion girl, Gemma, it took no time at all to establish that no matter that Gemma was older and bigger, Shaye rules this roost. Of course, Gemma is only about 90% basenji, with a little sheltie thrown in somewhere back there.

  • Im beginning to think my Ochre is broken ⭕o:o

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