Advice for raising two females

  • I will be getting my female puppy Thursday and want all the advice I can get on what I need to do to make my situation work. My resident male bmix is about 8/9yrs and has successfully lived with a female basenji twice, pretty much the entire time I have had him. But I have never had two females at the same time. My female BRAT rescue, Bananas, that I had for two years moved a couple hours away with her other owner three months ago. I've always wanted a puppy and have missed having a b in the house so decided to get a puppy. The uniqueness of my situation is the puppy will live full time with my male, but will also spend time (probably once a month, when I go out of town for work or other owner does) with my female Bananas. after much discussion with the breeder, we decided on a female pup. Main reason, harmony with pup and my male is most important, because if necessary, the two females can be separated permanently. We decided I will have bananas come live with me for the first six months, so all three will be together. Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hi Sarah, congratulations on your new puppy! I have two females that are 3 and 5; they've lived together for 1.5 years.
    When they met, the younger one wanted to assert herself as the dominant one, and the older one acquiesced…. they've determined their roles, so there really isn't an issue here.

    The younger one, Lola, is a "licker" and often initiates playtime. If the older one doesn't want to play, she will snark at Lola, who then decides that the new game is to clean Becca's ears. 🙂

    I think the guideline to introduce them in a neutral place is a good one until you know how they will interact when your puppy goes to visit Bananas.

    Hugs and roos!

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