Meet Zoeys would that be niece? (my sons live in dog)

  • Lizzy and Zoey the girls are settling in.

    Not the best pics but its from my phone

  • Houston

    I thinks she looks darling..Do they get along now?

  • They are getting along as well as any dogs. Actually there has never been a real fight Lizzy is such a good natured dog that zoe can growl and fuss all she wants but lizzy just tries to get her to play until they are both running all over the house. Zoe still has times when she doesnt want to share her people but she is better about food. She never had a problem sharing her toys, though Lizzy has chewed most of them up. I have had to throw away 2 ducks a few balls and a rope pull. At some point today one of them found my daughters swim mask and I caught them playing tug of war with it.
    Right now they are in thier usual spots Liz at my feet and zoe curled against my back.
    Any way as it gets colder the more dogs the better right. I still want that second B for those 3 dog nights :).

  • You're a glutton for punishment. šŸ˜ƒ

  • Nice pics, Glad the two Dogs are getting along. And yes you probably need that second Basenji šŸ˜ƒ

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