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UK/US Male living in China.
Darius is a 8 month old Basenji male.
He is extremely willful and naughty, but has won a number of rosettes for Best of Breed, Best in Class. How the handler managed to keep him under control amazes me :)
I am currently looking for a female companion for him with an eye to breeding.

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@tanza Excuse my ignorance here but do you mean his lineage? If you mean that I will have to get my wife to take a look as my Chinese Characters knowledge is rather poor :)

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This is Darius an 8 month old male. We have had him almost three months.
0_1515408936198_darius3.jpg 0_1515408967832_Darius.jpg 0_1515408988521_Darius1.jpg 0_1515409001695_darius2.jpg 0_1515409028668_darius4.jpg