Meet Darius

This is Darius an 8 month old male. We have had him almost three months.
0_1515408936198_darius3.jpg 0_1515408967832_Darius.jpg 0_1515408988521_Darius1.jpg 0_1515409001695_darius2.jpg 0_1515409028668_darius4.jpg

@BasenjiCN - Very nice Basenji with Very interesting markings. What is his pedigree? Welcome to the Forum.

Welcome to the forum. Love the markings!

@tanza Excuse my ignorance here but do you mean his lineage? If you mean that I will have to get my wife to take a look as my Chinese Characters knowledge is rather poor 🙂

@BasenjiCN - Hello, I was asking who is his Sire and Dam

Darius is very cute .. like others, love the markings.


Hopefully before you actually look into breeding you will learn his edigree and find a mentor to help you understand what is behind him, what type of lines might be a good match. Darius is beautiful. Good luck with him.

@debradownsouth Hello Debra finding a "mentor", in China will be tough as Basenjis are incredibly rare here. Luckily for me 1. I am a mature competent adult and 2. There is plenty of breeding knowledge both online and books. Perhaps one day I can mentor someone else. Please remember that these dogs have been bred for thousands of years, and as long as the parents are pedigree and healthy I think nature kind of takes care of itself. Just like in the human world there are good parents and bad ones, and most do not have mentors. Finally I understand there is a certain amount of snobbishness in the West regarding breeding, which I will blissfully ignore.

@basenjicn - While Basenjis might be rare in China, you can be mentored by others in different breeds, especially in the hound group (sighthounds)

Since he thinks good parents equals good genetics, and caring about breeding is snobbery...we need to save our time on people who really want to do right by the breed.

@basenjicn Beautiful, he looks so much like my Skeeter.

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